A blog about how real people cook and eat. Cooking, like life, has to have balance. Some days it’s about getting dinner on the table in “30 minutes”. Some days it’s about taking the time to cook that challenging recipe from your new cookbook. We’ll be talking about both of those and everything in between.

About Scott… I began cooking at a very young age, encouraged by my Mom and a very indulgent grandmother. Later, when Mom went back to work, I took over dinner preparations for the family. Senior year in high school, I started washing dishes at a french restaurant and eventually worked up to prep cook, garde manger, and line cook. I mostly worked at restaurants during college and came close to making that my career. Now I cook for my family and when time permits, I like to try new recipes and techniques.

About Dr. Steve… I was born in New York City and raised in the Bronx. I know a good slice of pizza, bagels, black and white cookies and have consumed 1000’s of Jamaican meat patties over the years. I’ve worked in restaurants on the path to getting a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology. I love food and cooking now that I’m a stay-at-home dad. Believe me, the stay-at-home gig is sweet (my little secret).

The precisness and analytics of science were really starting to bore me. Food preparation gives me a chance to be more creative. I enjoy some of the uncertainty and magic that comes along with cooking. I’ve recently started studying wine pairing and food tasting. I’m also always pondering the biology and chemistry of cooking, tasting, food prep and how things work at the molecular level. Once you understand the chemistry and biology of food it gives you a certain empowerment in terms of preparation and tasting. I’ll be contributing to both in the future.

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  • Congratulations Scott, your proud mom shared your new site with me. I searched for a bbq chicken salad recipe, actually I might have left off salad, and there were no results. I’ll look again in the future.
    Sharon and Bob Jones
    laguna Niguel

  • Thanks so much, Sharon. At this growing stage, we don’t have a ton of recipes on the site, yet, but we’re adding more all the time. I haven’t tried this recipe, exactly, but it’s similar to a salad I make when we have chicken leftovers. Link here. Two things I’d do different are 1) thaw some frozen corn and use instead of canned. It’s much crisper. And 2) maybe omit the celery and actually put this salad over a bed of lettuce or spinach. Let us know how this turns out, if you try it. Thanks!

  • I have been following Scott’s recipes and wine tips for years and am so glad he created this site. I will forever follow you Dr. ;o).

  • T, you are too kind. I miss our sushi lunches and Friday wine tastings. Thanks for checking out the blog, I hope to get together with you soon. Take care, Doctor…

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