Hot day, quick lunch

It’s still a little hot and humid, so I was looking for a light lunch.  The boys wanted leftover spaghetti and meatballs from last night.  Lisa had a meatball sandwich.  I opted for a toasted pita, schmeared with hummus, topped with arugala, chopped heirloom tomato and blue cheese crumbles.  Quick … Continue reading

Roasted Vegetables

Lisa was doing an art project with our #1 son. The kids were drawing vegetables and the idea was to have the roots and leaves attached so they could see how the vegetables grew. Long story short, we had several bunches of veggies: carrots, beets, leeks, etc. that I had … Continue reading

Farmers’ Market and Dinner

My #1 son’s school, Flora Vista Elementary in Encinitas, started hosting a Farmers’ Market a couple of weeks ago. It’s on Sunday from 2pm – 5pm. More information on San Diego County Farmers’ Markets here. Dr. Steve, his lovely wife and adorable son came over and we set out to … Continue reading


Plantains are those fascinating banana-looking fruit surrounded by a bit of mysticism. Are they really fruit or vegetable? Do we eat them raw or cooked? When should we eat them? They start out bright green and hard, move toward beautiful yellow, slowly get black specs and in the end turn … Continue reading