Hot day, quick lunch

It’s still a little hot and humid, so I was looking for a light lunch.  The boys wanted leftover spaghetti and meatballs from last night.  Lisa had a meatball sandwich.  I opted for a toasted pita, schmeared with hummus, topped with arugala, chopped heirloom tomato and blue cheese crumbles.  Quick and delicious…

Bargapix 077

Bargapix 076

2 thoughts on “Hot day, quick lunch”

  • Tasty combination — love that arugula, and the pita was a nice touch. To think there was a time when you didn’t eat tomatoes. xxxooo

  • Feta might have been better, but we didn’t have any. I love arugula, very peppery. When I think now about all the fresh-from-the-garden-that-day tomatoes that I didn’t eat, I really regret it. Oh well…


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