Random Pictures

Just some random photos from the last month or so.  Send me any cool/interesting/funny food or beverage-related photos and I’ll include them in the next Random Pictures post.

This one was actually unplanned.  I was making an omelette and and had just halved the avocado and grated the Manchego cheese.  When I diced the bacon, I noticed it looked like a face.  It was much friendlier after I twisted the bacon up into a smile…


We were out of hamburger buns and hotdogs, but had hamburger and hotdog buns.  So I made this.  Not sure if it’s called a hamdog or a hotburger.


Had a quick business meeting at the local coffee place, It’s A Grind.  As I was leaving, I noticed these four guys.  See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, surf the ‘net?


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