Blue Fin for lunch with Dr. Steve

I met Doctor Steve at Sushi Bar Blue Fin for lunch on Friday.  I’ve been meaning to try this place, it has good comments on Yelp and Chowhound.  Doctor Steve and the Cooper…

We started with the trio of hand roll specials: scallops, spicy salmon, and salmon skin.  Very tasty, the scallops were very fresh.  The spicy salmon wasn’t ground finely like it is sometimes.  We could see the chunks more info

of salmon…

We worked through some nigiri sushi: tuna, hamachi, unagi and salmon.  All very nice.  Sam also made us a Rainbow Roll and a King Crab hand roll for dessert.

Blue Fin is in Encinitas, about a mile from my house.  In addition to fabulous sushi, they also have the distinction of having one of the best sushi websites I’ve seen, check it out here.

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