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Beef 101 from Frugal Dad

Well, I guess I haven’t done this for a while.  I read the Frugal Dad blog, sometimes, for its financial insights.  I learned a few things about beef from this post, for instance, grass-fed beef has the same fat content as boneless, skinless chicken breast. Click the graphic to see … Continue reading

Lunchtime with Ina

I’ve been working from my home office for the past couple of years.  My wife and I almost always eat lunch together.  We talk for a while and sometimes put on Food Network.  Usually, the Barefoot Contessa Ina Garten is on.  We laugh at the Ina-isms like “Be sure to … Continue reading

Homemade Chocolate Syrup

My kids like an occasional chocolate milk and we sometimes have chocolate syrup on vanilla ice cream.  We usually buy the “chocolate flavored” syrup from Trader Joe’s.  I remembered an Alton Brown show about cocoa and decided to make my own syrup. The recipe is pretty simple: water and sugar … Continue reading